Line Maintenance Engineer

Job summary

Reporting to : Maintenance Manager

Working relationship

  • The Line Maintenance Engineer will report directly to the Maintenance Manager and work closely with the Line Maintenance Supervisor.



Job description


  • Carrying out meticulously, all assigned tasks as laid out in the relevant aircraft Approved Maintenance Programs, Maintenance Manual, Ads/SBs
  • Reporting aircraft defects and deficiencies immediately to their respective Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Maintaining all personal, general and special tools in perfect useable condition and ensuring completeness of all personal tool box items.
  • Reporting defects and deficiencies of tools and equipment to the Maintenance Manager.
  • Maintain all work places clean
  • Carrying out any other duties assigned by the Maintenance Manager or Maintenance Supervisor.

Required skills & qualifications

  • Possess a minimum of BSc in Engineering or Equivalent Qualification.
  • Have worked in a similar capacity in any airline of repute for at least 3-5yrs.
  • Be EASA Part 145 and FAA A&P or NCAA B1 & B2 License engineers.
  • Be type rated in JT8D 219/217 C series engine.
  • Have sound knowledge of documentation procedure for aircraft maintenance / certification.
  • Have proven communication skills and good command of English Language.
  • Be current with Nigerian Civil Aviation regulations with the valid medicals.
  • Be willing to work extra hours, if required.
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