Dana Miles

Dana Air Airplane

Dana Miles is an industry-winning loyalty and rewards Program

With Dana Miles, members enjoy a truly rewarding experience with unique privileges across three membership tiers:Blue, Silver & Gold<.

Dana Miles members can expect to earn more miles, enjoy more benefits, quicker tier upgrades and easier tier renewal, redemption and more..

Dana Air Airplane
Dana Air Airplane
Dana Air Airplane
Miles & Smiles Dana Miles Blue Dana Miles Silver Dana Miles Gold
Earn Dana Miles
Redeem Dana Miles
Earn Membership Miles to upgrade
or retain Membership status
Earn Membership bonus 25% extra miles on all 9J flights 50% extra miles on all 9J flights
Planing a trip
Access to DanaMiles
Personal preferences recorded
Dedicated Helpline
Book Rewards
Waitlist priority
At the Airport
Priority Boarding
Priority Upgrade
Priority Baggage Handling
Extra baggage allowance*
Lounge Access
Priority check-in
Priority Baggage Delivery
Invitation to Dana Air and partner exclusive events
Earning on Dana Air
Cabin Class of travel TPM less or equal to 500 Reward Miles
Business Flexible J 875 175%
Business Saver C,D 750 150%
Economy Flexible Y,B,S,K,A 625 125%
Economy Saver H,M,L,I 500 100%
Economy Discount Q,V,W,X,N,O,R 375 75%

Any classes other than these are not eligible to earn Tier Points or Tier Dana Miles.

Tier Upgrades on Dana Miles
Blue Silver Gold
Required Miles: N/A 27,000 miles 50,000 miles
Tier Expiration: N/A 1 year 1 year
Tier Level Rewards Bonus: 0% 25% 50%
Spending Miles
Economy 18,000 miles One way Ticket
Economy 36,000 miles Return Ticket
Business 36,000 miles One way Ticket
Business 72,000 miles Return Ticket