Customer Charter

Our Promise to you

1. We will never compromise on safety

Safety will always be our first priority. We will never do anything that undermines this core commitment.

2. We will offer a service you can rely on

We try to provide a punctual and reliable service at all times. Our aim is for all services to arrive on time

To ensure you catch your flight, you should make sure you get to your boarding gate at least 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to leave.  It can take considerable time to go through airport security and baggage procedures.

We will always operate our advertised services unless exceptional circumstances – such as severe weather make it unsafe for us to do so.

3. We will make planning your journey easy

We want you to be able to make the best choice about how and when you travel, so we offer continually updated timetable and general information on our website at  You can visit any one of our ticket desks where a selection of timetables and general leaflets are available, or call us for advice on 07003593262 (0700-FLY-DANA). Our Contact Centre is open 8am to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays, so you can get the information and help you need, whenever you need it.

4. We will offer you a range of ways to buy your tickets

Buying a ticket couldn’t be easier – and the choice of method is yours.

You can buy online, by phone, at Dana Air ticket offices, or from local travel agents.

To book via our website or to find details of your local outlet go to or call us on 07003593262 (0700-FLY-DANA)

 It’s always best to buy your ticket in advance to make sure you get the best fares. You can have your ticket delivered to you by text message; email or you can collect it from any Dana Air ticket office.

5. Our ticket amendment and cancellation policies will be clear and simple

Sometimes you might need to change your ticket after you have bought it. Most of the tickets we sell are amendable.  

We will do our best to make sure the terms and conditions are clearly highlighted when you are buying, and wherever possible are also displayed on your ticket to avoid confusion later on.

You can make changes to your ticket before travel at any ticket office, or by calling our Contact Centre. You might be charged an administration fee in addition to any upgrade fare. If you decide not to travel, you can cancel your ticket online, by phone or in person.

6. We will do our best to meet your needs if you have a disability

Everyone is welcome to travel with us. If you have a disability or specific travel needs, we can help.

7. Our team will be friendly, helpful and committed to helping you

We have customer service teams at all airports. You can easily recognise team members by their uniform and name badges. They will always be approachable, knowledgeable and friendly.

If you have a problem at the airport or simply need some information, please let a team member know and they will do their best to help.

8. We will make your journey as comfortable as possible

Our staff are responsible for your comfort and safety throughout your journey. We expect them to be professional and friendly at all times.

9. We will help you, particularly when things go wrong

Occasionally things go wrong – no matter how hard we try. When they do, we will do our utmost to put things right there and then. We will make it as easy as we can for you to let us know, and will seek to solve any problems as quickly and fairly as possible. Our customer-facing teams have the authority to make decisions and resolve your issues as soon as you contact them.

Delays and Cancellations

We are committed to on time performance however sometimes bad weather, natural disasters, technical problems, operational and other issues can cause flight delays and even cancellations.

If this happens, we will do all we can to fix the problem and keep you informed of developments and the choices that are available to you.

If we become aware at least two hours ahead of your scheduled departure time that your flight will be delayed more than 45 minutes or cancelled, we will use the contact details you provided in your booking to let you or your travel agent know and in the event of a major service disruption that might result in significant delays to your journey, we will keep you informed and provide refreshments, where we can.

10. We will listen to your feedback and act upon it

We welcome all feedback – good and bad. Once we know what you think, we will act to make improvements.

Negative comments go directly to our senior management team, whose job is to improve your experience at every point in the journey. They make sure we focus on improving the things you say matter most.

Positive feedback also gets passed on and individuals are recognised for excellent service. We always aim to exceed your expectations, so when we do, we are always happy to hear about it!

 11. We will make it easy for you to speak with us

We want to make it easy for you to contact us. This can best be done face-to-face at the airport or by calling one of our Customer Service Advisors in our Contact Centre.

We also respond to comments received via Facebook and Twitter (@DanaAir). We will aim to resolve your query or concern immediately. If we need to investigate further, we will respond within 5 business days.

We promise to genuinely and honestly investigate all complaints received and aim to improve our service as a result.


This Charter sets out our commitment to you and to raising our standards. It does not create any new legal relationship as a result of what we say we will do, nor does it adversely affect your legal rights. These are set out in our General Conditions of Carriage.