Calling on families to come forward with Next-of-Kin details.
We once again express our deepest condolence and sympathy at your loss in the tragic incident of June 3, 2012.

We appreciate that no level of compensation will bring back your much loved one. Nevertheless, we are making arrangements as quickly as possible to compensate every bereaved family in accordance with the law that governs tragedies such as this, and in honour of our duty to you and others, whilst at the same time reflecting our sensitivity to the individual human burden of your tragic loss. We do not imagine that this will make up for the pains that you are going through but we, however, hope that this lessens your pain knowing that you are not alone in this.

To enable an interim payment to be made with all deliberate speed to the next-of-kin of the deceased, please as soon as possible let us have the following documents:-.

In accordance with international protocol governing aviation accident investigations, all information about the investigation will come from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. Dana Air will however provide information relating to the flight itself and updates on steps being taken.

1. Four photographs of the deceased;.
2. Four photographs of you the claimant;
3. An affidavit under your hand showing that you are the deceased's next-of-kin;
4. A valid Government-issued identification document (driver's license Or international passport);
5. The Birth Certificate of the Deceased;
6. The Birth Certificate of you the Claimant.
7. Marriage Certificate (where the Claimant is the Spouse);
8. Marriage photographs (where the Claimant is the Spouse);

The documents referred to above should be duly verified and certified by a Commissioner for Oaths. Should you have any difficulty in providing the documents, kindly contact our crisis management centers to assist you. Their addresses are as follows:

1. Lagos- MMA2 Conference all, Ground Floor, MMA2 Domestic Airport Phone Numbers: 08099937312/08099937313/08099937314
2. Abuja-Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, Phone Numbers: 07044213849/07026672145